Valedictory Ceremony

Valedictory Ceremony

The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department Association “SPECTRA” organized a comprehensive program aimed at fostering community engagement, celebrating academic excellence, and promoting alumni interaction.

Inauguration of Valedictory Function: The program commenced with the formal inauguration of the valedictory function, featuring esteemed speakers and faculty members who shared insights on the significance of academic milestones and encouraged students to strive for excellence.

The inauguration featured Dr. Revathy Sivanandan, Engineer, Keltron Traffic Signals Division, a renowned expert in industrial history and technology, as the chief guest. Dr. Revathy’s address focused on tracing the trajectory of industrial revolutions throughout history and exploring their implications for the field of electronics engineering.

Newsletter Release: A special edition of the departmental newsletter (BROCELLE’2K24) was released, showcasing research achievements, student accomplishments, and faculty contributions. This provided a platform to disseminate information and celebrate the collective achievements of the department.

Academic Excellence Awards: Outstanding students were recognized for their academic achievements through the presentation of awards. These awards celebrated excellence in academics, Placements, and extracurricular activities motivating students to continue their pursuit of excellence.

Announcing Next Year Office Bearers: The new office bearers for the upcoming academic year were announced, providing an opportunity for leadership development and ensuring continuity in the association’s activities.

Alumni Interaction: Alumni were invited to interact with current students. This facilitated knowledge sharing, career guidance, and alumni engagement, enriching the learning experience for students.

Cultural Activities and Games: A variety of cultural activities, including performances, exhibitions, and competitions, were organized to promote creativity, expression, and cultural exchange among students and faculty. Additionally, recreational games provided opportunities for relaxation and socialization.


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