Dance Club


Once Albert Einstein said, “Dancers are the athletes of God”. All those who can move to a piece of music are dancers. There is no better technique than dance in this world to express. As our motto says ‘never miss a chance to dance’.

The dance club will provide an opportunity to better the dancer in students through constant engagement and also through workshops conducted by professionals. The objective is to pick the best of dancers and form an efficient college dance team to perform during various occasions within the college when required, and consequently improving quality of performances staged by the team in various inter-collegiate fests.

  • To encourage the students towards having interest for dance and extracurricular activities.
  • To participate in All India Dance competitions and represent our institution at global stages.
  • To promote a healthy competition and environment with other college students.
  • To create a veritable avenue for culture and tradition through dance.
  • To encourage purpose of unity among students through dance.
  • Study and practice methodologies for translating written text into live performance
  • Learn the vocabulary and practice methods of respectful critique and evaluation
  • To strengthen students creative skills in live performance through the study of craft and technique


  • Welcome dance

  • Theme based performance

  • Thiruvathira

  • Flash mob