Film Club

Young people will develop a range of key skills and increase their knowledge and interest in roles within the film industry. So by knowing interest and tastes of students in SNIT to film making, we organized a film club in SNIT.

Film Club screens multi-lingual and multi-genre mainstream along with parallel cinema and documentaries on a regular basis. It aims to educate and empower students by analyzing the medium and probing into various issues which it puts into the public domain and to creatively employ the cinematic medium for pertinent interventions on socially relevant issues. Film Club helps students to make short films, give training in direction, script writing, to create awareness and provide training in the new trends in film making, to screen world classics and evaluate them critically and to conduct seminars, workshops, quiz competitions and film festivals.

  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in script writing, filming and editing.
  • To acquire increased understanding of others, themselves and the world around of students.
  • To acquire understandings and abilities in group processes.
  • To develop an understanding of the processes and elements involved in creating works of dramatic art of students.
  • To develop students acting and presentation skills.
  • To explore the competitive of student.
  • To make them think and present logically.
  • Film Promotion Activities
  • Indywood Talent Hunt
  • SNIT Talent Hunt