Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Friends

Greetings from Sree Narayana Institute of Technology

The prospect of every individual depends on education particularly Technical Education. The technical education will develop the growth of Technology. Technology growth is the backbone for every nation and is the stepping stone for the developed nation.

Education is a process of learning it is not a process of studying. A good dedicated teacher will realize the students to understand the human values like Openness to change, self-enhancement, Conservation, Self-transcendence etc.

In Sree Narayana Institute of Technology, we educate the students to receive the highest quality of education by means of excellent classroom teaching learning process. Our excellence is not just confined to the classroom; we are also notably active in conducting conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures and other co-curricular activities. These activities expose students to aspects beyond the curriculum, thus adding value to their professional success.

The infrastructure of our college is extremely quality driven. apart from the conventional system of class room lectures, we at SNIT have culminated latest technologies in to the class rooms like multimedia projects. Each departments of SNIT is equipped with state-of-the-art labs for enhancing the practical skills of the students.

We SNIT make the students to empower themselves with the Wings of Knowledge and Power of Innovation through TBI, imbibe an attitude akin to a positive and proactive thinking by conducting Yoga Classes, caring concern for men and nature by means of various association activities and an eagerness to serve and excel in all activity throughout the lifetime with the help of teachers.

I wish you a very happy and academically highly rewarding student life in SNIT and hope that your good deeds enhance the pride and prestige of this prestigious institution.


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