Vision and Mission


Prajnanam Brahma


To evolve SNIT Adoor as a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in Technology and Management.


  • Apply Technology and Management education as a powerful means to eliminate social inequalities.
  • Encourage inquisitiveness, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among Students and Teachers.
  • Improve the teaching-learning process through experimental and participatory learning.
  • Impart technical and management education enabling the students to think and act beyond boundaries.
  • Abreast with advanced e-learning/management technologies for effective teaching transactions.
  • Encourage sustainable practices for the management of energy, provisional ecosystem services and environmental resources.

SNIT Adoor has been striving tirelessly for the last decade to fulfill the above-set Vision and Missions.

  • Experimental learning involves workshop/laboratory courses.
  • Participatory learning involves group assignments and project work.
  • Internship and industrial visits open OUT BOUND Learning experiences.
  • Expert talks/ webinars provide opportunities to THINK BEYOND BOUNDARIES
  • An hour with Entrepreneur and Technology Incubation program encourages ENTREPRENEURSHIP among the students.
  • NSS, Women’s cell and Environment unit sensitize gender equality and social and environmental well-being among students
  • Authority functions in a structured manner and its accountability is ensured through a decentralized hierarchy such as Manager – Governing Body – Academic council – Principal – Academic Units – Admin Office.
  • Quality assurance is effectively monitored by IQAC.
  • Class committee/ mentoring committee/PTA/ Grievance cell compliments various activities.
  • The staff club supports cultural activities.
  • Students union plays democratic involvements.
  • General staff meetings are convened periodically to ensure the participatory process of evolving policies and action plans


Approved By AICTE New Delhi

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